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Submitted by Mackagreenwood on Thu, 09/27/2018 - 10:27
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Operating out of Tasmania, based in George Town, we intend to offer a look at God’s Creation of wood with a healthy dose of hope attached.  If hand crafted native and exotic wooden articles is something you enjoy then this will hopefully tick all the boxes.

The idea is to present demonstrations as well as finished traditionally crafted items such as:

  • Pole Lathed green wood spindle items (such as rolling pins, etc...), bowls and plates
  • Carved fan birds
  • Carved spoons
  • Characters like Nativities, etc...
  • Whistles
  • Chess Sets
  • Baskets

That is, anything we can think of that is made from Green Wood. (Wood cut down, split, worked and finished while still quite fresh. As opposed to wood that has been cut into dressed lumber and dried.)

Most will be attempted using the traditional style hand tools such as axes, adzes, draw knives, hook knifes, hand saws, etc…

Machines like wood lathes will be powered by people not motors.

In the UK people lived in the woods (the bush for Aussies) and made a living from the land this way for centuries.  They were called "Bodgers".  (No not the modern meaning of the word.)

We will be learning from scratch, self-taught by experimentation.  (It will be fun.)

See you soon at a market near you perhaps... Look for free giveaways and feel free to ask any question.

This site is under construction (as is the whole idea).  Please be patient.

You can contact us at or

We are partners with AIM Trainers and Meet God at Home